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Lyctus Brunneus

Powderpost Beetles

Description: Powderpost beetles lay their eggs in cracks of wood and the larvae tunnel into the surface, filling it with a very fine powder-like dust. Powderpost beetles have long, narrow, flat bodies that allow them to easily attack wood surfaces. These beetles are reddish-brown in color.

Color: Reddish brown to black

Legs: 6

Shape: Narrow, Oval

Size: 1/8" - 1/4"

Antennae: True

Habits: Adult powderpost beetles are very active at night, enjoy flying and are attracted to the light.

Habitat: Powderpost beetles often attack hardwoods, and can be found in hardwood floors, timbers and crates, antiques and other objects made of hardwood materials.

Threats: Some researchers believe that powderpost beetles are second only to termites in the United States in their destructiveness to wood and wood products.

Prevention: Powderpost beetles can be prevented through vigilant inspection of wood sources in the home.

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