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  • A local family-owned company.  We are members of your community.

  • Full-service termite exterminating and pest control.

  • Compassion for your family and pet's safety.

  • Committed to providing the best pest and termite control service

  • The latest proven extermination technology used in an environmentally responsible way. 

  • Always exceed customer expectations and provide exemplary customer service.  

  • Fair and affordable pricing. 

We deliver what we promise when it is promised. If we cannot do a job, we will tell you that.  We have partnered with other companies to aid our customers in executing environmentally sound decision, like using a beekeeper to remove a honey bee nest instead of killing them.

Serenity Pest Control wants you to be well informed so you can make the best decision possible for your family and property.

We offer a 100% guarantee on all of our services.


Pest Services

Our long history of providing pest and termite control for Kingsville, Corpus Christi, Calallen and surrounding areas has enabled us to learn which treatments are the most effective for different types of pests, structures and environments. We're experienced in treating all types of pests including: termites, roaches, fire ants, carpenter ants, spiders, crickets, silverfish, wasps, fleas, ticks, brown recluse spiders, scorpions, rodents, rats and mice! Most of our visits will consist of an outside treatment, unless we find interior problems or you notice something of concern.  Initial inside & outside treatment will cover most general pests that may enter your home.


Wildlife Removal

Hearing noises in the attic or walls? This could be wildlife that has chosen to use your home. It might be either squirrels or one of their socially unacceptable cousins. It's not uncommon for the intruder to be a clever raccoon that has adapted to our suburban lifestyle. Our team is trained to identify the intruder and the entry points that are being used. After our free inspection, we'll make the appropriate recommendations to address the immediate infestation and prevent their return.


Termite Control

A thorough inspection will locate problem areas and we will make recommendations on how to best eliminate the conditions. The Eastern Subterranean Termite is the most common termite in Texas and lives in underground colonies located between 5 and 30 feet below the surface. A colony can easily be larger than several home sites in our suburban neighborhoods. Worker termites continuously leave the colony to find food and bring it back to the colony. Since termites eat wood, unprotected homes are an attractive food source. 

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Who We Are

Serenity Pest Control was founded by owner Jack Lutenbacher. Serenity Pest Control has built a loyal customer base by providing honest, dependable, personalized service throughout Kingsville, Corpus Christi, Calallen and surrounding areas.

STPCL 759289 Licenced and Regulated by:Texas Department of Agriculture PO Box 12847Austin, TX. 78711-2847Phone: (866)918-4481Fax: (888)232-2567

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